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Getting the most out of the appointment

Before the appointment it can be helpful to think about what you want to talk about and hope to get out of it. You could:

  • make an appointment well in advance, if possible, with a GP you like

  • think ahead about what you want to say to the doctor 

  • be prepared to talk about how you’ve been feeling. You might be asked about recent sleeping and eating patterns, weight, activity, and mood.

  • write things down beforehand to help you, including questions you might want to ask

  • think about what help is available and what you might like (e.g. medication, online counselling)

  • don’t give up if your first experience isn’t very good. Try a different doctor.

Sophie found it hard to tell the GP how she’d really been feeling and went to the surgery several times. She eventually told the doctor that she needed more help and asked to be referred. 

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