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What’s it like talking to the GP about sexual health?

As part of the consultation (appointment), a person may be asked some personal questions, such as their medical and sexual history, what methods of contraception they use, and other questions about their sex life and sexual partners. Questions include:

•    when they last had sex
•    whether they had unprotected sex
•    whether they have any symptoms
•    whether they think they might have an infection
•    how many sexual partners they’ve had
•    whether they have sex with men or women or both


Ish: Staff at the sexual health clinic were very welcoming and understanding.

Fran’s had smear tests and STI tests before. The nurse was kind, jolly and talkative. She prefers seeing a female GP or nurse about sexual health.

Aphra has no preference in terms of seeing a male or female doctor. For her it’s more important to be seen and given good care.

If someone needs to be tested for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), such as chlamydia or gonorrhoea, they may need to give a blood or urine sample or have a swab taken.

Getting tested and treated for STIs is straightforward and confidential. Most infections can be treated with antibiotics. Anyone can ask to see a male or female doctor or nurse but they might have to wait longer than usual for one to become available.

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