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Appointments can be made by phoning the surgery and speaking to the receptionist, or going to the health centre in person. Many GP surgeries offer online booking services to patients. Patients can book and cancel appointments any time of day, order a repeat prescription from home, college or work instead of going to the surgery, or look up their medications online. It’s worth asking the receptionist if the practice has a website that offers this facility. When booking appointments online, the doctor’s name will be shown with each time slot.

Making an appointment

Simon prefers booking appointments online. It’s fast, convenient, and he can book a slot that suits his schedule. He likes seeing his own GP whenever possible. 

People who needed to talk to the doctor about a long-term condition often liked seeing the same doctor every time, whenever possible.

Simon likes to see the same GP. ‘Continuity of care’ is important and not having to repeat his story to a different doctor each time. 

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